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The Capital Food Fight is an annual event to help end hunger. Many banks allow you to redeem your rewards points for charity donations, instead of the typical cash back or gifts. Through Citibank, you can use your points to donate to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief , which helps people across the country affected by natural disasters.

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Use free online coupons from sites such as Coupons. Proceeds are split between the organizations and go toward fighting hunger in the United States, as well as in more than 74 countries around the world.

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Between 3 percent and 50 percent of the retail price of every item bought on The Hunger Site store will be given to their charity partners. Food banks distribute millions of pounds of food per year, but who does the cleanup? Those who do the washing and cleaning are the unsung heroes of any food bank operation, and are a vital part of the organization. Volunteer to help deep-clean kitchen cabinets, power-wash crates, and scrub walk-in coolers. Food for People , the food bank of Humboldt County, California, encourages volunteers to help with these less glamourous tasks.

Starbucks has made a groundbreaking pledge to rescue percent of donatable food from their U. More than 8, stores will donate unsold, ready-to-eat food to Feeding America , an organization that will coordinate the distribution of the food to its massive network of food banks across the country.


Canstuction is a charity that holds annual competitions in which participants design and build giant structures made of canned foods. All of the canned foods used in the competitions are then donated to local food banks and hunger relief organizations. To get some perspective and spread awareness, attend or take a friend to an Oxfam America Hunger Banquet. Guests randomly draw tickets that assign them to tables of different income levels based on statistics about the number of people living in poverty.

Depending on where you sit, you'll receive anything ranging from a full dinner to a sparse portion of rice and water to share. An average of Oxfam Hunger Banquets are held every year in cities across the U. Visit oxfamamerica. Volunteer by donating the time normally spent on your lunch break to Meals on Wheels programs across the country. Deliver nutritious meals during your lunch hour to seniors who can no longer cook for themselves, or who are unable to get out of their houses or apartments. If you are a bread baker and have leftovers at the end of the day, get your organization involved in Panera's Day-End Dough-Nation.

In this program, unsold bakery products are packaged at the end of each day and donated to local food banks and charities. Make a donation to Drive to End Hunger to assist low-income seniors affected by hunger. Every day, pounds upon pounds of grain are used to feed animals in factory farms. It takes about 16 pounds of grain to produce one pound of edible meat. With education comes the power to change. Visit Rise Against Hunger to learn hunger facts, read inspirational quotes, and find a detailed reading list full of books and websites, for people of all different ages, to learn more about hunger.

By donating to The Hunger Coalition , you can help feed undernourished babies. The Infant Formula Initiative began in to help mothers who were not able to provide their newborns with enough to eat. The Hunger Coalition has distributed the equivalent of 24, bottles of infant formula to babies in need.

Partner your hair salon or barber shop with a local food bank and set up a barter system for a good cause. Move for Hunger takes the hassle out of the moving process and takes care of all the nonperishable food you might otherwise throw away. Its team of dedicated movers will pick up your unopened, nonperishable foods during your moving process and deliver them to a local food bank. The organization works with more than 1,00 moving companies in North America. Share ideas with others and create your own movement to fight hunger.

Pin to boards about events in your city, share an inspiring story, or share videos of hunger fighters. A religious-based ecumenical nonprofit charitable organization, the Society of St. Gleaning, as this activity is known, dates back to biblical times. Each year, 35,, unpaid workers from schools, churches, synagogues, and other institutions around America help collect food. Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry brings fresh meat and vegetables to the needy. Grocery stores in the New York City area are making a tremendous impact by encouraging shoppers to donate to local food banks at the most opportune moment: when their wallet is out.

The tax-deductible donation will be added to your bill and will appear on your receipt. Click here to find participating stores. Grow food locally by getting involved in community gardening projects. Not only does this project help provide food for your neighborhood, it also teaches kids how to garden and be self-sufficient.

All food grown can be given back to community members who need it or donated to local food banks. The American Community Gardening Association can help you find a garden and get started. You can also visit their website to find existing bake sales in your neighborhood. By hosting a screening of the film, or similar films regarding food and hunger, you can help start a conversation about food and sustainability in your community.

Many employers will match the donations that you give, which will effectively double the contribution to ending hunger. Food Lifeline is an organization dedicated to eradicating hunger in western Washington State. They are always looking for individuals and groups to help repackage food for their food pantries and also for help with community events. Eating healthy on a budget is possible. Help families learn to cook and shop for healthy, affordable, delicious meals by leading a grocery store tour in your community. As the hunger coalition wisely says, a little planning now will make a big difference for generations to come.

They can help you realize your philanthropic vision and leave a legacy of wholesome food and hope for future generations.

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We all need to gain experience and earn a paycheck, so why not do it while making a difference at the same time? Visit the websites of various hunger organizations to learn about career opportunities. Their members include corporations, universities, foundations, faith-based groups, and nonprofits, to name a few.

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Volunteers work on packing meals and raising awareness. They rescue fresh local produce that would otherwise go to waste and donate percent of the fruit to the hungry. Food Forward is always on the lookout for volunteers and neighbors with mature fruit trees and an excess fruit or vegetables. Plant a Row also works with local farmers markets, farms, and orchards to collect unsold, wholesome produce for food-assistance programs.

PointWorthy provides a platform for consumers to accumulate and donate loyalty points to causes they support and believe in. Visit their site to become a food runner and work to alleviate hunger. The extra amount is donated to the Feeding America network food bank located closest to where you shop. Visit pamperedchef. The Society of St. Andrew salvages truckloads of imperfect, slightly blemished potatoes and produce from potato chip factories and commercial markets, saving them from ending up in landfills and instead directing them to churches, low-income housing areas, and food banks.

Support the Potato and Produce Project and their other good works by visiting their website.

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Why Google when you can Good? GoodSearch is a free, Yahoo-powered search engine that donates 50 percent of its revenue to charities such as Action Against Hunger and The Hunger Project. You can also find coupons and offers on all sorts of goods and services on their GoodShop page. Five percent of the ticket price goes directly to the charity of your choice. Take care of this yearly holiday task and fight hunger at the same time!